Who we are

Skiprime is the online platform of snow professionals.

We design and implement innovative services and formats to make the snow experience more and more involving. Our training paths are all designed to ensure the continued growth of our customers' skills.

We provide only the best professionals available on the market. Our instructors, guides and coaches are carefully selected and have lots of qualifications in different disciplines.

We are also committed to providing useful content for our customers' self-training with an approach that exploits the potential of Internet and therefore avaiable from wherever you are.

This is not our first project, we are all professionals who have worked for years in ski teams, traditional ski schools and experiential outdoor centers. In our management team we can also count on person that take care of our customers in detail, the quality experience and the easy use of our online systems.

We have realized Skiprime because it was time to increase the managerial autonomy of ski instructors and snow professionals. Moreover, with the increasing use of internet and online booking services we considered essential to provide a tool that would allow the booking of services from the comfort of your home, ensuring quality and safety with competitive prices compared to traditional competitors. Our customer assistance systems allow us to increase satisfaction of clients, also through a review system of the activity. We continuously control the quality of our offer and our customers can forget the long waits on site to book activities for themselves or their children. We do continuous research and development activities in teaching methods, in group management and in technologies that make the use of the online platform more and more efficient.

Our goal is to provide an offer more and more related to needs of the customer by allowing the reservation from anywhere, simply by using your PC or smartphone.