Basic level

There are many features for beginner skiers, so we decided to describe it as simply as possible. The beginner skier has never skied and would like to try the first approach to skiing. However is also who has already put on the skis sometimes, taking some lessons, but has always skied in the school field only with the snowplow. Beginner is also someone who knows a bit how to skiing but couldn’t stop when he/she want.

Intermediate Level

The intermediate skier is who has a clear understanding of how to get off a simple slope, know how to put the equipment (ski, boots, helmet, ski sticks, gloves) in a comfortable way, is independent in taking the ski lifts and know how to stop when he/ske want. This type of skier needs to improve his skiing technique and will keep more confidence on skis. The intermediate may also want to book a ski instructor to make a quiet tour in the ski resort that he/she prefers.

Advanced Level

The advanced skier is the one who is practical in skiing in different slopes, in using the equipment, ski lifts and track rules. This type of skier wants to improve his/her technique to exploit in the best way the materials in complete safety. The advanced may also want a ski instructor to be guided on a tour in the ski resort as he/she prefers.

Race Level

This type of skier want to be followed by a professionist to refine his/her technique on the slope and also in Slalom/Gigant Slalom course.